The research archive – a world of knowledge

Here we have brought together all of our research. You will also find everything that AFA Insurance has published concerning research, such as knowledge summaries, interviews, articles from newspapers and journals, reports and films. You can use the research archive as a source of knowledge for further research, or to find tools and methods that can improve the work environment at your own place of work.

Ongoing RnD-programs


Young people in working life

Previous research on young people at work is limited, while long-term sick leave has increased in recent years among younger people. AFA Försäkring is now investing on behalf of the social partners SEK 40 million on eight research projects on young people in working life.


A working life without cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease is one of our major popular diseases and the second most common cause of death for people of working age. AFA Insurance now invests SEK 50 million in a five-year research program to prevent cardiovascular disease in working life.


The effects of digitalisation on the working environment in the municipal and regional sectors

AFA Försäkring now, on behalf of the social partners in the municipal and regional sector, is investing SEK 37 million on nine research projects on the effects of digitalisation on the working environment. The research program aims to increase the understanding of the effects of digitalisation on the work environment and health of employees in the municipal and regional sectors and to exploit the benefits and promote the development of digitalisation.


To live and work with mental illness

A R&D program on causes and measures for the rehabilitation and prevention of mental illness in workers in the private sector.


A sustainable working life

Creating a sustainable working life is one of the biggest challenges for the Swedish labor market. AFA Insurance now spends SEK 30 million on research on how to make working life more sustainable.

Project directory

Here you will find all our ongoing and completed R&D projects. You can, among other things, search for researchers, subject area and sector. Welcome!

The RAMP-project

How research is put to use in working life